Mystery’s Choice: Book One of the Vengeance of the Fallen Series




We all have to make choices.

What if your choice would decide the fate of the world? What if choosing to save the world cost the life of your newborn son, the mother who loves you, the people you were born to protect? What if choosing your child, your mother and your people would cost the lives of all those who have been fighting to save you and the man you love? Could you make the choice?

Mystery Williams was just a normal college kid, starting her family, fixing up a huge house to fill with children, planning a wedding. Then her world implodes when her doting father is killed. Everything she believed has been a lie and reality is an unending nightmare. The mother that has hated her all her life isn’t her mother. Her mother is the leader of a powerful, evil cult, and she has been looking for Mystery since the day she was kidnapped as a toddler. Her fiancé deserts her. She finds out she is not human, but a Devil, with an awesome amount of magical power. As she uses her newfound powers to fight the forces trying to kill those she loves, her son is kidnapped by the cult.

Mystery discovers she is the child of an ages old prophecy. If she chooses to go back to the cult, her power along with the power of her mother and people will be enough to allow Satan to ascend. If she turns her back on the cult, then they will perish and Satan will remain trapped until the End of Days.

Mystery must decide to save her child and destroy us all or save us all and let her son die.

The ancient battle between good and evil will be decided by Mystery’s choice.


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