Need A Push Off A Cliff?




That’s just my way of saying, “Are you stuck and would like a little prompt to help you get moving?” However, here in The Labyrinth we never say things in a way that does not bring to mind some picture of horror or terror. Fire. Kitchen. Bye-Bye.

All that said.

The Horror Labyrinth does not endeavor to make things easy, we like a good struggle, so there will be no daily prompts of horror, terror, mayhem, gore and general grossness to aid you in your journey through our world. There will be a weekly prompt. Given to you on Sunday, to start off your week. Do with them as you will.

Remember the deeper you go into The Labyrinth, the harder it is to find your way back to the light. And unfortunately we never had any cookies.

Splatters and Screams,



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