Prompts For April 2015


Isn’t the picture wonderful?! I always thought the idea of a bunny sneaking around in the night to hide eggs was creepy. In my nightmares, he was never a fluffy guy with a white cottontail, he was a hideous monster. I never bought for a minute that the eggs were not a cover for what he was really after: children!


Prompt for April 5, 2015

“Old Lady Mulligan had lived at the top of Exeter and Grape for more years than anyone living could remember. She lived up there and only came down the hill and into Riley’s Market to buy carrots. I never had the courage to go up there as a kid, but one night, we got a call down to the Sheriff’s station that there was an God-awful reek coming from the hill. So, my partner and I climbed in the car and went up there. I swear I will never see rabbits as cute, fluffy little creatures again.”


Prompt for April 12, 2015

“Any other creature we see with red eyes we instinctually know that the creature is bad news, most likely evil. People see bunnies with red eyes and the sigh and carry on about how cute they are. Today showed them bunnies are no different than other creatures with red eyes, in fact, they might be worse.”


Prompt for April 19, 2015

“Do you ever wonder why the magical creature that protects children while they sleep is a teddy bear and not a stuffed bunny? Unfortunately, I know.”


Prompt for April 26, 2015

“April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. This year they just brought bones. Human ones from the neighbor’s backyard.”


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