Vengeance Of The Fallen Terminology


(*Mystery’s Choice, Roodmasi Reckoning, Adraziel’s Betrayal, Haures Rising and Elamiel’s Return)

*= actually written


I will borrow a good idea in a hot minute, but I try to at least mention that it was not my brainstorm, but someone else’s. So, this one is owed to my friend and colleague, K. Caffee over at PukahWorks. Thanks!



Vengeance Of The Fallen Terminology

Aerie A high rock cavern or series of caverns. Also often used to refer to a bird of prey’s nest. In this series it refers to the above ground and below ground cave structures that house the Roodmasi. The first one is several hundred years old. The second only a few months. They completely house the Roodmasi. Kitchens, living quarters, dungeons, work rooms, offices, ritual rooms, dining halls, etc.
Aguares Ruler of the Eastern Kingdom of Hell, Power of Air, Is a fallen angel. She fought beside Satan and was expelled when Satan was. She is now a ArchDevil. Also known, as The Breath of Death.



ArchDevil This is a term used to describe Satan, Aguares, Belial, Leviathan and Lucifer, who were all Seraphim before The Fall. They now a little something extra in Acheron and those who challenge them are quite foolish and many are now extinct.
Ascension, (The) The term used by the followers of Satan for his return to Heaven and capturing of the throne.
Bacchanal Wild celebration of a religious event. For our purposes, consisting of free flowing alcoholic and intoxicating beverages, frolicking, and orgies.
Beast (The) The Anti-Christ, the son of Satan, born to do battle with the son of God. In the case of these books, Cain, whose purpose is to make it possible for Satan to first achieve this plane and then the Heavenly plane. For Satan is not able to appear on this plane, since he made his Kingdom in Hell, it has been forbidden to him. Many have tried to summon him and have failed, paying with their sanity or their lives. It is only with the combined force of the Roodmasi, Cain and his child, Mystery that Satan can ascend to Earth. It is The Beast’s reason for existing.
Belial Ruler of the Southern Kingdom of Hell, Power of Fire, is a fallen angel. He fought beside Satan and was expelled when Satan was. He is now a ArchDevil. Also known as The Lord of Lust.
Belphagor He is The Devil of Wealth. For those who worship wealth above all else, he is a friend and counselor. For me purposes he is on Earth to help the Roodmasi regain their wealth. He is well-muscled, blonde and has golden eyes.
Black Friday The celebration of the day that Eve and Adam ate the apple and were banished from the Garden. It is believed that this happened on the same day, because time was measured differently before The Fall of Man than after. Most scholars of such things place it at ten months prior to Imbolc (February 2). Which is believed to be the birthday of the Beast (Cain). Black Friday for the purposes of these books is celebrated on the Friday closest to May Day (May 1)
Breath of Death (The) Aguares, because she rules over Air. Her energy is said to be what drives tornados, hurricane force winds, gales, etc. She and those in her kingdom can kill by removing the breath from those they wish to slay.
Cain Cain is the son of Eve and Satan. He was asked by his father to slay his brother, Abel and did so. He was marked by Yahweh to walk the Earth forever. Once the mark was received he was sent to Nod by his father were he started to Roodmasi.
Demons The beings created by Satan to serve the Devils in his domain. They have a hierarchy.


–       Inferii: One level below a Devil can assume human form easily; often have command of legions of lesser demons for a variety of purposes. Names used in popular fiction – Paimon, Nergal, Achnomene, Pazuzu, etc.

–       Duo Nobii: Next down in creation. They can assume human form easily. Usually messengers to those who serve and those who must be warned off.

–       Tortorbii: They can mostly assume human form, though they seldom try to assume it. They are sent to torment. They can be anything from a screeching, lingering presence to a midnight tormentor. (Laughing in the dark, tweaking toes and ears, pulling covers off, arousing to a fever pitch and then disappearing. If seen at least some part is not human, hence the myths about cloven feet and snake’s tongues.

–       Sicariorii: The assassins of Hell. They are sent up for the express purpose of assassinating those who have angered a Devil or who know too much or who have failed in some way to complete a given duty. The will try to assume human form if the Devil they serve requests it of them; they have a hard time holding it.

–       Malfalbrii: Mischief-makers. They are the ones said to fly around tossing things about, i.e. food, small items like brushes, feces, and urine. They are quite foul in appearance and stink like sewage and rotting flesh. They also like to bite and scratch.

–       Moranturii: More commonly known as Legion and Minion. They are demons that have no visible form, save a shadow, they must travel in multitude to be able to possess a living being, which is what they do, to hold the being in stasis for invasion by a higher order demon or a Devil.

Devils The angels who fell from Heaven with Satan in the Great Rebellion or First War.
Goat of Mendes “Ptah the Egyptian God of Magick, knowledge and wisdom (an alias of Satan) *became* the goat, and sometimes a ram in the city of Mendes where he was worshipped as such. The Goat/Ram of Mendes represented the “Ba” which was the Egyptian word for the “soul.” Ptah was considered to be a great magician and “Lord of the Serpents.”



There are many false claims, based upon ignorance that the Goat was invented as a reaction to the “lamb” of Christianity. The Christian use of the lamb came much later and in truth is based upon the sign of Aries (The spring Easter lamb).


The Horned Goat is also directly of Enki (Satan). The constellation of the Horned Goat (Capricorn) is the time of the winter solstice, known as “The Southern Gate of the Sun.”


“The Goat was known in early Babylonian times as the God ‘Ea’ (Enki/Satan). Ea was known as ‘He of vast intellect and Lord of the Sacred Eye’ protector of his people and the bringer and giver of knowledge and civilization to humanity. Represented as a snake, he ended up in the ‘Garden of Eden as the Snake in the tree of life, encouraging learning and knowledge rather than blissful ignorance.’ Whenever Ea roamed the Earth, he took the form of a goat.”


The above is cited from “The Joy Of Satan” website and is not my creation or belief system. However, it best describes what The Goat of Mendes would be to the Roodmasi. How they would feel about it and about Christianity. I use this definition because it offers the opposite view of Christianity, which is the view that the Roodmasi hold. They see themselves as fighting to get their deity back to his rightful place.

Great Serpent of the Seas (The) Leviathan, because he rules over Water, which includes the seas of Earth. He has chosen the form of a giant sea serpent, and only leaves the form when he is called to audience before Satan.
Leonard’s Arrows Leonard is the Patron saint of those who undertake Baneful Magick. He is a Devil, and serves in the post of Inspector-General of Baneful Magick and Sorcery. His arrows are dipped in the deadliest of poisons. Deadly to Angels, humans and all of Infernal kind.
Leviathan Ruler of The Western Kingdom of Hell, Power of Water, is a fallen angel. He fought beside Satan and was expelled when Satan was. He is now a ArchDevil. Also known as The Great Serpent of the Seas.
Light Bringer (The) Lucifer, because he has the fearsome weapon of bringing the light of those with inner grace to bear on his enemies.
Lillith, Lilith, Lilitu, etc. Lillith was the first woman created at the same time as Adam, not from part of Adam, when she was told she would need to be subservient to him, she refused. When ordered by Yahweh, she fled the Garden of Eden. Once there she was tempted by Devils, namely Samael, to have sexual intercourse with them. In doing so, she became the first Succubus. She is affiliated with the Southern Kingdom as all iniquitous spirits are.
Lord of Lust (The) Belial, because one of the powers attributed to the South and Fire is lust.
Lucifer Ruler of the Northern Kingdom of Hell, Power of Earth. He is not fallen, as in; he did not fall from Heaven on his own. So he still, has his inner grace, which he has learned to use as a weapon, for it can sere to dust humans and demons, alike. It does not work on the Devils. Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer is Satan’s son, not Satan himself. He did not fall from Heaven because he agreed with his father but was not willing to risk going against Yahweh (God). He was coaxed to voluntarily leave Heaven to be with his father and friends. He is an ArchDevilTo reward him, his father gave him the Northern Kingdom, before moving to the main city of Acheron. Also known as The Light Bringer.
Mastema Devil, The Patron of All Who Practice Baneful Magick and The Dark Arts. She is also known as the Egyptian Goddess Maat. She is petite, with curly dark brown hair and silvery eyes.
Melusine Translated from Ancient Hebrew and Akkadian texts, it was the original name given to the demon who appeared to tempt John The Baptist in the wilderness. She is the child of Satan and therefore, a Devil.
Nergal The leader of the Infernal Armies. Inferii. Disdains human form unless ordered to take it. If he does come up he never leaves anyone alive to tell about it.
Puroritma The sacred ritual of sacrificing a newborn baby to a specific Devil to gain their aid. Even in the Roodmasi this ritual is frowned on, for only someone without sufficient power to simply call upon and ask for the aid, would need to do so. The child must not be Roodmasi, which means the child must be taken from its parents. Something the Roodmasi of this century do not do.
Rood Another name for a cross, specifically the Crucifix that Christ hung upon during the Crucifixion.
Roodmas Holiday celebrated by Christians to honor Christ’s sacrifice on the Rood (Cross). It was celebrated in Europe and Christian parts of Asia from 1400 – 1660 C.E. falling out of favor later on because of its growing popularity in non-Christian religion as a bacchanal.
Roodmasi Technically broken down: (Rood)=cross that Christ was crucified on; (mas)=celebration or festival; (i)=people who. So, the Roodmasi are people who celebrate the Crucifixion or the Cross that was used in the Crucifixion. The Roodmasi in this saga are an ancient cult that celebrates the crucifixion as a day of triumph over an enemy. They so cherish the day that they changed there name to show their praise of the accomplishment.
Roodmasi Red Guard Specially trained guards who have allowed themselves to be inhabited by soldier demons, members of the Inferii. They retain most of their personality, however their bodies become imbued with demonic strength and resilience.
Samael Head of Incubi and Succubi. He has a running feud with Lillith. He is sent by Satan to awaken Mystery’s sexual appetites. He is also plotting against Cain.
Sangritma The sacred ritual of the Roodmasi in which the blood of one prepared for the Master (Satan) is sacrificed and the organs consumed.
Shivana, Shivant The female (Shivana) or male (Shivant) leader of the Roodmasi.
Spear of Destiny (The) The actual spear that pierced the side of Christ to determine he was dead. It is rumored to give the holder complete and total power over this plane and communication with the next. For my purposes, it has been held in Hell since that time because once Christ’s blood was melded with it, it became the only weapon that can kill a demon and severely damage a Devil, making them unable to ascend to this plane again. Raevanne gets a hold of it in Book One and it is hotly sought after in Book Two.



I will add as terms come up or are invented. Enjoy!

Splatters and Screams,



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