The All Too Real Horrors Of This World



I started thinking the other day when my friend asked about guest blogging an article she had written on Feral Children. This very real phenomenon needs attention given to it, but I did not want to diminish the seriousness of the subject by having it among articles about how to be a better writer or lists of types of scrying. The more I thought about it, I wondered, if my own book, This Present Garden of Pain belonged here among those very things.

She tweaked her article so that it offers ideas for stories about feral children, but it still hopes that in writing those stories you raise awareness of their plight.

So, I have come up with a place within The Labyrinth where articles about real world horrors taking place everyday can live. Articles by guest authors on feral children, adult abuse and battery, rape, incestual abuse, child sexual abuse, child battery, child trafficking, etc. can be placed so they are not merely viewed as story starters, but as horrible things happening  each and every hour of the day, while we write and read about fictional horror.

I decided that I dishonor myself and other survivors by placing my book among the fictional, as though it too was a work of fiction. As I say in the foreword, those poems are born of real pain, some of it mine, some of  it as a result of things I have witnessed and seen. The flash fictions are all based on women I have known or been. The seven deadly sins are all the stories of real women who became the seven deadly sins. While, I do not use real names, and I conceptualize details, it is not fictional. It is the way those who have been through the horror of abuse often view the world around them.

I will endeavor to gather more guest articles to fill the corridors of this part of The Labyrinth, to remind us that while we may love fictional horror, real horror is with us everyday.



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