Vengeance of the Fallen



This is the new home for all things Occultish in The Labyrinth. Under this tab, you will find a cool, new  glossary of terms relevant to the tales housed here, which will be updated as needed.

Mystery’s Choice, Roodmasi, The Daughters Of Air and Fire, and Irkalla’s Daughters will now make their homes here.

Also, the reason for the name of the section, Vengeance of the Fallen, is what I am calling the series of stories that Mystery and company seem to be demanding from me. The stories that finish the dispute over Heaven and Earth once and for all.

Vengeance of the Fallen Series:

Mystery’s Choice


The Second Fall

Acheron Rising

The Last Angel Standing


This series will hopefully make Mystery and her gang shut up. And should be a hoot to write! Mystery’s Choice, which is the re-release of The Choice, should be out in the next couple of weeks!


Splatters and Screams,



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