Prompts For March 2015

Clurichauns are evil leprechauns.

Clurichauns are evil leprechauns.


March 1, 2015

“I never expected Hell to have so much green. The hair on the dead women was green, the faces of the slaughtered frat boys were painted green, the beer in the untouched mugs was green, the shamrocks decorating the tavern walls were green, and the eerie light seeping under the door was green.”


March 8, 2015

“My daughter will die unless I bring him the gold. So, surrender the gold or I will wash your green blood off it before I give it to him.”


March 15, 2015

“I had always assumed that finding the pot of gold at the end of rainbow would give me good luck. Turns out it just gives you luck and mine has been bad. I wish someone had shown me the fine print before I took the gold.”


March 22, 2015

“It’s Spring and everything is blooming; the night terrors, the scraping at my window, the bad smell in  the basement, and, oh, I almost forgot, the number of decapitated heads found on my fence post.”


March 29, 2015

“March is the month of madness and mating the old folks say. Every living thing is pairing up. And some of the humans that pair, shouldn’t have. I guess that’s why he did it.”


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