The Legend of the Vouivre


Les nuits sans étoiles, le séjour sage dans leurs maisons

Car c’est alors que vouivre rôde.

La queue d’un serpent et le corps de la belle fille

Son œil unique peut hypnotiser avec un élève de rubis et de perles iris

Méfiez-vous si vous voler son trésor

Pour son besoin de vengeance est sans mesure.

Si vous ne la tuez pas avant l’acte est fait

Vous passerez votre vie toujours à la course.

Et ne doute pas

Ses sens vous chercher

Elle ne s’arrêtera pas sa quête de vous

Peu importe ce que vous dites ou faites.

Un par un, tout ce qui vous est cher

À son caprice disparaîtra.

Quand elle vous a laissé avec rien mais des conflits

Alors et alors seulement elle prendre votre vie.


On starless nights, the wise stay in their homes

For it is then that vouivre roams.

The tail of a snake and the body of beautiful girl

Her single eye can mesmerize with a pupil of ruby and iris of pearl

Beware if you steal her treasure

For her need for vengeance is without measure.

If you do not slay her before the deed is done

You will spend your life always on the run.

And have no doubt

Her senses will seek you out

She will not stop her pursuit of you

It matters not what you say or do.

One by one all that you hold dear

At her whim will disappear.

When she has left you with naught but strife

Then and only then will she take your life.

The Legend

Vouivre – pronounced (vwi-vre)

A creature of French legend said to reside in caves, deserted monasteries, and abandoned homes in the Languedoc Region of France.

In the 1500s one was famously slain by a cunning warrior who led the vouivre into a lake riddled with steel spikes. He waited for her to be vulnerable and directed her to the lake, as they are blind when they remove their one eye to bathe. Upon entering the lake the vouivre was impaled and then beheaded. It is vastly believed, that she was either the last or the only of her kind. However, some still believe that on starless nights in the Languedoc, the unwise that travel at night, will catch a glimpse of a giant, winged serpent with iridescent scales and wings, streaking across the night sky.

The legend describes the vouivre as having the tail of an enormous serpent, the body of a beautiful woman, and a head with one eye made of a massive jewel. The pupil being a gigantic ruby and the iris being a priceless pearl has made some foolish enough to try to steal it. Sorcerers throughout time have said that the jeweled eye has unbelievable power and that water can destroy it, making it melt away into nothingness. So, the vouivre must remove her eye when she bathes. There by making her vulnerable because at this time she is blind. However, what the thief does not realize is that her other senses make up for the loss of sight during her bath. She will catch the smell of the thief and relentlessly track them, killing all they love and finally killing them. It is also believed that possessing the eye for any length of time leads to madness, so it might actually be the thief who kills all those he or she loves, at which time the vouivre takes them back to her lair and kills them slowly, inch by inch until they beg for death.

It is rumored her lair holds a treasure beyond value, made up of all the things she has collected off of her victims during the course of her very long life. The thief must be wary here as well, for the vouivre has the lair rigged to warn her extremely acute hearing someone has entered her lair. Whether the thief is still there when she arrives or they have fled makes no difference because she will hunt down the thief and destroy them.

The only way to steal from the vouivre is to kill her first and this is a nearly impossible task because her scales are impenetrable, her clawed hands sharp and quick, and her bite venomous.

Some versions of the legend have the vouivre existing among the people closest to her lair in human form, only turning into her true form on the new moon. In these versions, if she suspects that you know what she is, she will hunt you down and kill you. She will not risk discovery and have to deal with all those who will be tempted to try to steal from her.


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