The Daughters Of Air And Fire

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Art by MPMG (Miss Incredible), Deviant Art


The Legend of the Daughters of Air and Fire


This a story that has been passed from Mother to Daughter since human life began. Many without the ability to see such things have dismissed the tale of unconditional love, of parents loving their children no matter what they have done.  For most believe that the evil cannot love.


When Satan went against God, hundreds of Angels fought with him. Angels who believed in his cause, angels who were Satan’s loyal friends and followers, fought side by side with him. When Satan was wounded in battle with the Archangel Michael, his brother, he lost his footing and fell from the heavens. Michael recommended to God that all those who had followed the Rebel be given the same fate; to fall from Heaven and never be allowed to return. They were all expelled from Heaven and knew terror as they fell, for none of them knew if Satan lived. He had been horribly wounded when they watched him fall. The followers knew the agony of never seeing Heaven again and their future was uncertain. For it was not even known if Angels could survive on the newly created plane, called Earth. As they hit the ground and rose to take in their surroundings, they all heaved a sigh, for Satan lived. He and his three closest friends created a plane separate from Earth and called it Acheron. For their loyalty and their help, Satan granted each one a kingdom of their own in Acheron. The friends had fought beside him in battle and were the most powerful of the Fallen after him. They were also Archangels; their names Aguares, Belial, and Leviathan are the stuff of legend. Eventually, he lured his son, Lucifer into leaving Heaven and taking over in the North.


Aguares and Belial had always loved one another, but their duties in Acheron kept them from living as husband and wife, though they had created three daughters before they were expelled from Heaven. The daughters were named: Nehaziel, Kamriel, and Lariel, in order of age. They were quite beautiful as would be expected of the Daughters of Air and Fire.


The daughters skillfully and masterfully handled any task they were given, their commands mostly came from their parents and dealt with making humans give in to their lust or overintellectualize their lives and end up alone or turning away from Salvation.


The day came when Satan himself sent for the daughters and gave them the task of turning away Jesus’ followers and tempting Jesus himself into carnality. They harbored no great love for God, but they were not willing to get in between him and his son and what they hoped to accomplish, for they knew that God could and would punish them even in Acheron. Satan acted as though they had said yes and assigned each her task.

Nehaziel was to appear to the followers and make them focus on all the reasons that Jesus could not be who he claimed he was. Kamriel was to tempt Jesus into debauched carnality with her in human form and without benefit of marriage. And Lariel was to make those who did not follow him afraid of him and what he would cause to happen to the Jewish people. Again they refused. This time Satan listened and he started to destroy them, such was his power, but their parents begged their friend not destroy what was most precious to him. So, they were banished. 


The Daughters of Air and Fire have one last chance to prove themselves, if they fail, they will be destroyed.  As a boon to his old friends, Satan is allowing Aguares and Belial to help their beloved daughters.

Their parents are allowed to plant small memories of who they are in their minds. If the daughters seek their parents out they can be brought to Acheron to see who and what they are. However, they must ask themselves, with no prompting from their parents. The Daughters of Air and Fire will all be left in this life until the third one fails or succeeds at her task. Their parents are allowed to bring them together to aid one another and tempt one another.

As the tasks for their last chance each will face an evil creature from the mythology of the heritage they were born in to. To complete the task they must align with the agent of destruction and help to destroy the human caught in the creature’s sights.


One will face a vouivre: a French creature who when hunting has the body and head of a woman and the lower half of a giant serpent. She is only vulnerable when she removes her one eye to bathe and she only bathes when everyone in the village is sleeping. If even one person is awake she will know and hunt them for fear they know her secret and will warn others or that the one awake is seeking to steal her eye. It has been said that she has only one eye in creature form and it is a priceless stone. Even with her eye stolen if the thief does not kill her, she will hunt them and kill them and all they may have mentioned her true identity to. She feeds on lost souls and those who may know her secret. According to legend if she cannot find her usual prey, she will feed on any human that is available. It is said that she has devoured whole villages one by one when she is starved. Finding her in human form is impossible for she appears to be a beautiful woman and blends in well with those she lives among.


One will face a Bocan: a Scottish dark Fae that can assume whatever shape it wishes and taunts and teases whomever it is hunting until she wears them down and they take their own life, the bocan usually takes the form of whatever human will be most able to get close to its prey, pushing the prey while in human form from one side and in the animal form from the other.


One will face a Chindi: a Navajo shape shifter with evil intent, who often takes the form of a wolf. If you look it in the eye it will hunt you and all you hold dear until you perish from the Earth. It often kills through disease, which is called the Ghost Sickness, the wasting away of the body, with no known cause. It only appears in nonhuman form at night, during the day it can be anyone it wants to be.


Kamriel’s trial will be harder and more costly than Lariel’s and Nehaziel’s will be unbelievably hard to resist and more will hang in the balance. If the daughters do not turn to evil this time, they will have to square of with the Father of Evil himself. 

Tanya R. Simon, 2014, copyrighted materials.

Vouivre: The Daughters of Air and Fire

Bocan: The Daughters of Air and Fire

Chindi: The Daughters of Air and Fire

The new trilogy from Tanya R. Simon, coming soon.


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