Is This Just Another Exorcism Tale?



The noise woke her from a sound sleep, scraping along the walls and throbbing behind the doors. She had  just sat in bed with her knees drawn up and her arms trying to hold her together, she couldn’t go through another exorcism. Then a silky voice slid out of the darkness and whispered, “The exorcisms do not work because if you were truly exorcised you would be nothing but a shell.” Hot breath caressed her cheek, as the presence in her room, bent towards her, unseen. “You cannot exorcise your own essence and live, so you give them what they need to hear, let them think they have removed the evil from your body. They go away feeling smug and triumphant and you are left alone.” A hand stroked her sweat-dampened hair. “You are the very thing you have always sought to remove. You are the evil. You cannot remove the evil, without removing all that is you. For you, my sweetling, are a Devil.” A mouth kissed her in the dark, a split tongue sweeping between her lips to play with hers. “So sweet. You just do not remember. But you will.”


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