This Present Garden Of Pain



She Is Finally Here!!!!

The long-awaited anthology of poetry, flash fiction and short stories dedicated to abuse survivors by a survivor, has finally made it to the presses.

I found that in reading stories of those who had survived this nightmare, who had walked through this garden that they personalized the experience. Which is a wonderfully healing and cathartic thing to do, for every survivor of abuse, rape, incest, and physical abuse. However, if you buy the story that does not speak to you, it may help you heal but does not reach those places deep inside that you never allow to see the light. So, they do not heal.

I have been writing about my shame, pain, sorrow, confusion, revelations, rage and a myriad of other emotions since I started writing poetry in school. I ran an online survivors resource for a number of years and got glimpses into the pain and journey of other survivors trying to find their way. I had to write about their stories and protect their identities because they have been used enough for ten lifetimes. So…

I gathered it all together in one anthology of a generic woman making her way through the very thorny  garden of pain which comprises the abuse survivor’s journey. I hope you will get your copy and take a walk through the garden. It may help you understand someone in your life better and it may help you to understand yourself better. Blessings!


If you get an electronic copy you can get it autographed, through

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the trailer:


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