Vengeance of the Fallen Will Now Be A Six Story Saga




I was writing along happily on a part of the second book of the saga and I suddenly realized that the story was not complete. I needed to deal with all of Melusine/Mystery’s assorted youngins. So, I added a book to the series that will follow the one I am currently working on, that will establish the Lightwalker camps and The Darkdweller camps, who is there and uncover why they exist and the world is not totally in Yahweh’s post-armageddon splendor, but pretty much like it is right now. A very scary place, where bad things happen for no reason we can figure out.

This book will set up the premise and location for book four, Adraziel’s Betrayal. I am pretty excited about it and so are the kids! They get there own book!

So, this one should hit store sometime in early 2016 and Adraziel will arrive in stores later on in 2016!

Make sure to keep an eye out for them and Roodmasi Reckoning will be out just after Halloween!

Splatters and Screams,



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