Corridor Of Love?



Here you will find the names for lovers of different things, some perfectly vanilla, some a deep, rich, and decadent chocolate. They would make delightfully twisted tales of horror, don’t you think? As always, please enjoy them and use them wisely.

Splatters and Screams,




acrotomophilia – Love of amputees

ailurophilia – Love of cats

ammophilia – Love of sand and sandy places

androphilia – Love of men

anthophilia – Attraction to flowers

asphyxsiophilia – sexual arousal by either asphyxiating someone or being asphyxiated

apodysophilia – Desire to undress, see also nudism

apotemnophilia – Desire to amputate a healthy limb

arctophilia – Love of Teddy Bears

astrophilia – Love of astronomy and/or outer space in general

audiophilia – Love of recorded sound

autogynephilia – Love of oneself as a woman

autovoxiphillia – Love of one’s own voice


bibliophilia – Love of books

botanophilia- love of plants

brontophilia – arousal by thunderstorms and lightening


cacophonophilia – Love of harsh sounds

cagophilia – Love of keys

canophilia – Love of dogs

cartophilia – Love of cigarette cards

chasmophilia – Love of small places

chiropterophilia – Love of bats

chrysophilia – Love of gold

clinophilia – Love of beds

coprophilia – Sexual pleasure from feces

crurophilia – Love of legs

cypripareuniaphila – Love of prostitutes


Daemonphilia – sexual arousal or love of all things demonic

dendrophilia – Love of trees

discophilia – Love of sound recordings


ecdysiophile – Love of watching people strip

ephebophilia – arousal by teenagers

ergophilia – Love of work


Felinophilia – love of cats

Frigophilia – love of the cold


geophilia – Love of earth or geology

gerontophilia – Sexual attraction towards the elderly

glossophilia – Love of languages

gynephilia – Love of women

gynotikolobomassophilia – Love of biting a female’s earlobes


halophilia – Love of salt or salt-water

hebephilia – arousal by pubescents or tweens

heliophilia – Love of sunlight

hematophilia – love of blood

hippophilia – Love of horses

hirsutophilia – Love of hairy men

Hoplophilia – Sexual arousal from firearms and weaponry

hydrophilia – Love of water

hygrophilia – Love of living next to or spending time around water


iconophilia – Love of pictures and symbols

insulaphilia – Love of islands


jungliophilia – arousal by jungles


klismaphilia – Sexual pleasure from enemas

korophilia – Love of young men or boys


labeorphilia – Love of beer bottle labels

lavacultophilia – Desire to stare at someone in a bathing suit

lexiconophilist – Love of dictionaries and wordbooks

limnophilia – Love of ponds or marshes

linguphilia – arousal by languages (think Gomez Addams)

lininophilia – arousal by string

lithophilia – Love of stones

logophilia – Love of words – Logophiles may be interested in word games, such as crosswords, or Scrabble, and in the extreme, derive enjoyment from reading things commonly given less notice, such as labels,

lygophilia – Love of darkness


maiesiophilia – Sexual attraction to childbirth or pregnant women

malophilia – Love of apples

mammophilia – arousal by breasts and breastfeeding

mechanophilia – arousal by or love of an inanimate mechanical object

megamalophilia – Extreme love of apples, or love of the Big Apple

metrophilia – Love of the metro rail or subway systems

Mysophilia – Love of feces

myrmecophilia – Love of ants


nanophilia – Love of short people

necrophilia – Sexual attraction to corpses

negrophilia – Love of black people

nemophilia – Love of the woods/forests

neophilia – Love of the latest novelties and trends

nitrophilia – Love of nitrogen and explosions

nyctophilia – A preference for darkness or night.


oenophilia – Love of Wine

ombrophilia – Love of large amounts of rainfall

ophiophilia – Love of snakes

ornithophilia – Love of birds

osmophilia – Love of various smells


paedophilia – Sexual attraction to children

palaeophilia – Love of dinosaurs and prehistoric things

paraphilia – any sexual attraction considered unusual or taboo

pathenophillia – Love of virgins

peristerophilia – Love of pigeons

petrophilia – Love of living or spending time in rocky areas

philalethia – Love of the truth

photophilia – Love of living or spending time in lighted conditions

phytophilia – Love of plants

pogonophilia – Love of beards

pornophilia – love of pornography

psammophile – A plant loving sandy areas

psychrophilia – Love of cold temperatures

pygophilia – Love of buttocks


queu0philia – arousal by braids


retrophilia – Love of things of the past

rheophilia – Love of living or spending time in running water

rhizophilous – Love of living or spending time on roots


sarcophilia – Love of flesh

sciophilia – Love of living in or spending time in shady conditions

Scopophilia – Sexual pleasure from seeing things

Scotophilia – love of the dark

Somnophilia – sexual arousal or love of someone being unconscious

stegophilia – Love of climbing buildings

stigmatophilia – Love of tattooing or branding


technophilia – Love of technology

thalassophilia – Love of the ocean

theophilia – Love of God

thermophilia – Love of high temperatures

threpterophilia – Love of female nurses

timbrophilia – Love of stamps

tobaccophilia – Love of tobacco

topophilia – Love of a particular place

toxophilia – Love of archery

tropophilia – Love of seasonal extremes of climate

turophilia – Love of cheese

trypanophilia – love of needles

typhlophilia – Love of the blind


urophilia – sexual arousal and love of urine


videophilia – love of video, television and gaming


wiccophilia – arousal by witches

wyvernophilia – arousal by wyverns


xenophilia – sexual attraction to aliens

xerophilia – Love of living or spending time in very dry conditions

xylophilia – Love of wood


zoophilia – sexual attraction to non-human animals


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