The Labyrinth Laboratory



Every good horror tale has the creepy laboratory somewhere in it. Frankenstein had the lab in which the good doctor created the beloved monster. In a recent version of a tale involving the famous Count Dracula, he has a laboratory in his castle, where he is trying to duplicate the procedure that led to the animation of Frankenstein. Laboratories are there in one form or another in almost every tale of horror, whether they are used as torture rooms or as experiment houses, they inspire fear in us.

In the world of horror, laboratories are where something of great evil is created or kept. Here in The Labyrinth, the laboratory is where tales are born and nurtured until it is their time to step into the spotlight.  The time when their characters begin to speak louder than the others and it is time for them to be molded and grown into a novel.

Please, browse through the laboratory. However, do not stay too long or you just may find yourself trapped between the pages of a tale as the unfortunate victim of whatever horror captures you.


Splatters and Screams,



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