Writer’s DID and Publishing Glitches Do Not Mix

mystery's choice full cover


Well, as you can see the book has a new cover! This book has had all of the nightmare issues you hear about in the self-publishing field, but didn’t really think happened!

First it had a major publishing glitch which resulted in me having to offer a free giveaway to make sure  my wonderful, loyal and patient readers got what they had paid for, a new version of this story.

Second, the electronic version of the book went into its second edition before the first one had been published, due to publishing issues.

Third, I discovered that even though this is my third title published with this publisher, the electronic gatekeepers can not manage to get my middle initial put into the listing. When I contacted them they suggested that I go back to the beginning and correct this myself. After I did this, it still did not change. I had a conniption fit and it is in progress. (I am trying not to start screaming by this point!)

Fourth, I realized that after everything I have been through trying to get the book like I want it, the cover did not match any of the other covers in the series to come. So, I had to chuck the cover that I paid money for and had to refit to go in the publishing template, so I could have a cover that matched and hung the series together.

My characters are pleased with the new cover however they would like another revision. I told them to shut up! We are arguing, so it is possible when I get around to offering them as set, there will be another revision, but not before then. I almost promise. They are pretty persistent!

Anywho, thank you so much for hanging in there with this one. I am learning and I hope that from here on out the process will be smoother and my readers will be able to just enjoy the tale, not deal with the drama behind it. Thank you!

Splatters and Screams,


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