Major Reconstruction Of The Labyrinth Will Not Interrupt The Fun!




There is a major reorganization of The Horror Labyrinth taking place, so please be patient during the reconstruction and reinforcement of the labyrinth walls. We will still be here to bring you different paths and nooks inside the very twisted corridors of the mind of Tanya R. Simon.

To begin with: Mystery and Ryan will be re-released in their first tale together, The Choice, which will be known as Mystery’s Choice. So, the page name will be changing, but it will still keep you up-to-date on their adventures. A new trailer will be added, new promos, the works.

They are also getting a sequel called Roodmasi, which I had hoped would be out late August of 2015, but my back and some other setbacks has forced me to amend that date to early October of 2015, tentatively.

A new section will be added that will house books, articles, poems, etc. that are about real life horrors. Adult battery and abuse, child abuse, incestual abuse, feral children, American Hunger Epidemic, etc. Topics that while they often appear in fiction are part of the very real horror of this plane. This section will be called The All Too Real Horrors Of This World. You find This Present Garden of Pain housed here, along with its trailer, any promos, upcoming author events, etc.

The other books and story ideas that are currently a part of The Labyrinth and all the pages dedicated to writing horror will be under a new section called Vengeance of the Fallen. Also found here, will be up-to-date information on any stories that deal with occult horror.

And to give up a secret that I just stink at keeping, the novels I am working on as Z. M. Dawson, will be found on the sister site to The Horror Labyrinth. You can find a link to this lighter side of The Labyrinth on the bottom right of each page, called The Story Of A Tale . Once there you will find my “Grand Experiment” sharing my writing process from the idea to the publishing of the first novel in a series of five novels.

I hope you will bear with the noises, dust and glitches that go with reconstruction. I think you will find the new look appealing and fun. And as always wished, twisted!

Splatters and Screams,


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