Mystery and Ryan are back!




Here I was planning a sequel to the story that so captured me when I was writing it that little to nothing else got worked on. I thought about these characters night and day. If you are a writer, this will make sense to you, if not, no I am not on medication; they chattered in my head so much, that I was forever grabbing some slip of paper to write down their thoughts. Pushing submit when I published was a sweet relief, they subsided and I could move onto other things. Then because of lagging sales and an article on Pinterest, I thought a new cover and attacking those typos would give everything a facelift and get these characters out to the world. I got the new cover, with what I thought would be a better name for the book and BOOM! Mystery was back and she hasn’t shut up since. She wanted a sequel! And why hadn’t I told the first story like she asked me to? Blah, blah, blah! If you have met Mystery you know she can be a bit pushy when it is really important to her. After all, I was the one who opened the door to the dusty, back room that she was living in since I finished the tale, not her. So, I would just have to make the most of it.

Yes, I am completely and totally throwing Mystery and Ryan under the bus, as they say, they started this, not me. I was content to just give their tale a facelift and move on, but they are demanding that I finish the story. I left people in limbo, they say. I abandoned them, they say. So, not only are they getting a sequel with a fancy cover, the first tale is getting tweaked and it is getting a fancy new name and cover as well.

I am not sure when the E.T.A. is, but soon and their first tale will be more as they told it to me and less as my many cooks in the kitchen thought it should be. For those that loved the tale, it will not change the essence, just fill in some holes.

The new title will be “Mystery’s Choice”, which is what the story is all about, the monumental choice that Mystery faced and everything that hung on the balance of that choice. She demands the change because she feels the old title makes it sound like someone is making a choice whether to have cream in their coffee or not, not whether to save mankind or their child. I suppose she is right, so I am okay with the name change, but I had plans for the time spent when I am not working on the sequel and they got pushed to the side so that I can give myself over to the voices of Mystery, Ryan, Felicity, Mary Kate and all their crew.

As soon as I am done, I will make sure The Labyrinth is the first place I go to announce it. So, keep an eye out!

Splatters and Screams,


One thought on “Mystery and Ryan are back!

  1. Oh, poor writer! Well do I know the upset that comes when you didn’t let a character speak clearly enough. And, well do I understand the irritation that comes from having a tale told, and then having to go back and FIX it.

    Can’t wait to see the end results, and thoughts of peace and relaxation to you while you go through this trying time.

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