The People In My Head



I recently discovered what is quick becoming my favorite quote,“Writing is a pleasurable torment and anyone who endeavors to do it is a masochist.” – unknown.

That along with a pin I found on Pinterest:



has begun to make me doubt my sanity.  Then when I hear myself cheerfully chime in, “Yeah, so what nothing else makes me this happy!” I have no doubt, I am insane. Once I accepted that, it was easy to decide to talk about the many me(s) that live inside my one head. They all have different needs and ideas of what makes a good story, they all want their story to be told now, they all feel they are the best, the most, the end all and be all of my body’s existence. Being a writer is very much like having Dissociative Identity Disorder, you have your different writing styles competing for time and you have characters who just pop up in there and won’t go away until you tell their story, and somewhere crammed way in the back, hiding under a table so the others won’t notice her, is the core personality. It is a very crowded place, but it is never a boring place.

Any writer who is not willing to admit that they are at best only slightly insane is deluding themselves. I think the ones who are the most well adjusted are the ones who decide to publish under different names as totally different people, with different writing styles. These well adjusted individuals are known to us under many different names. Writers such as Anne Rice, who is Anne Rice, Anne Rampling, A.N Roquelaure, and maybe others I am not aware of; or Nora Roberts, who is J.D. Robb, Jill March and Sarah Hardesty; or Stephen King, who was discovered to be Richard Bachmann as well, they are able to produce vast quantities of very readable work, have lives outside of their craft and sleep at night. So, allowing the people that live in my head time in charge and validating their existence seems to be the path to peace.

I have a list of aliases I use all over the web and they all have different personalities. You may have read something by one of the other people who share this body with me. I enjoy the freedom of not having to be spooky and creepy all the time, so sometimes I am just a goofball, others I am less creepy and more mysterious, and then there is the part of me that is and always will be an incest survivor. I hope someday there is a part of me that is comfortable writing straight, violins weeping romance. And I would love to write down some of the stories I used to make up for the children who have been in my life. And I recently discovered that I do not stink at writing erotica, though I am still not comfortable with that person’s voice in my head yet.

All of that said, I am starting a paranormal suspense series, under another name. The first novel will be serialized on a blog, the second novel on will be available through CreateSpace and Kindle Direct. I will eventually pull the first one and offer it in a more concise form, I am just not sure when I will do that. Oh, I forgot where I was going with all of this, the part of me that likes to pretend she is full of mystery, like Mata Hari or “La Femme Nikita”, likes to ramble, sorry.

I have another blog, or one of me has another blog, I will have to see how Anne, Nora and Stephen handle the use of pronouns in this situation. The blog which is the home to a very interesting me, Countess Katarina Ferencz of Hungary. She loves to tell tales that are deliciously terrifying. Right now in her parlor she is spinning a tale of two detectives who are more than and less than human. You should check out the twists and turns she takes her characters on. And you haven’t missed much, the story just began. So, you should visit her parlor at

I know it is customary to wait to let your reading audience know you have multiple personalities until you are a well established writer, but I have so much fun with the two different types of stories that I wanted to share with those of you who travel The Labyrinth. Don’t worry, Katarina will not distract from me adding new tales to the Labyrinth, I promise. I have one scheduled for release in February 2015 and then another for September 2015.

So, for now, all of me wishes you things that go bump in the night and glowing eyes in the shadows.


Splatters and Screams,


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