The Angel Hunts


Artwork by Michelle Monique of DeviantArt

Artwork by Michelle Monique of DeviantArt


The angel didn’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out why she was the way she was, she just went with the flow and embraced the differences between her and the herd. She usually could not work herself up to more than contempt for the average. At least the less than average had something unique working for them. And she loved to play with those who thought they were better than average. She lived for the rare occasion when she encountered one who could meet her on her level.

She looked around the throng of people gyrating to the thumping beat of what was currently called music. Her dead eyes took in the wolves on the make and the cougars on the prowl, dismissing them with a sniff of disdain. She finished off her one and only Sex On The Beach, the name always made what passed for a smile come briefly to her pouty lips. She slid an ice cube in her mouth as she began the hunt. Her gaze passing over the deer and sheep willingly caged in this place, every once and a while one of them would sense the malice and shiver briefly before shaking it off and going back to their meaningless lives.

There at a corner table, studying the crowd as though he too were hunting for worthy prey. His eyes met the angel’s for a moment and locked, he smiled, and cocked a dark eyebrow in invitation, kicking a chair out with his foot.

The angel stood and let the silk of her dress slither down her lush body and hug her curves. She smiled, the smile more a baring of her little sharp teeth, than an expression of pleasure, and sashayed her way through the writhing throng. She stood for a moment in front of his table, so he could look his fill at the perfection of her body. She pulled out a chair on the other side of the table from the one he had kicked out and sat down.

He threw his head back and laughed, the light catching momentarily in his dark, shoulder length hair. When he looked at her, his dark eyes were amused. He scooted closer to her and leaned over to whisper something wicked in her ear, to run his large, smooth hand down her curls, to brush his hand down her bare arm.

The angel ran her hand down his muscled thigh; she leaned in closer to him and whispered something equally naughty in his ear. She pulled back and watched his pupils dilate and heard his breathing catch and begin to race. The angel ran a finger around the neckline of her dress, stopping right at her cleavage. She flicked her tongue over her lips and leaned in to nibble lightly on his jaw.

He stood and held out his hand, the angel took it and let him pull her up and into him. Her prey kissed her hungrily, pushing his tongue into her mouth and cupping her bottom with his hands. She kissed him back and let her mind wander to all the wonderful things she would soon be doing to her prey. He took her hand and led her through the throng and out into the night. The angel looked up at the starry sky and wondered if the prey had any idea he would never see the sunrise.

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